Top 10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

The world is ever-changing and so are people. Businesses nowadays must have evolving marketing strategies to make their customers come back for more. Social media has taken a big part in today’s generation and business owners must grab this opportunity to market themselves.

One of the most effective marketing platforms is Facebook. With over billion users, you can turn followers into your possible customers. Facebook page is a great way to start marketing your business to active users that can contribute to your success.

To help you get started, here are Top 10 Local Facebook Marketing Tips that you can use to drive traffic to your website, build your brand, and increase potential revenue:

  1. Share Reviews, Comments, and Feedbacks

Sure you are not the first one to use Facebook for their marketing strategy, so you need to find out ways to stand out. With hundreds of other businesses that compete for attention, one of the keys in getting ahead is to show social proof. To see is to believe, as they say, most people trust businesses that can prove their credibility.

To show proof or truth about how good is your service or product, you can share positive reviews, comments, or feedback from your customers. Ask customers about their experience with your business and post it on social media. And to show your deepest gratitude, a sincere thank you would be enough to show how happy your customers are.

  1. Create Events

Are you planning for a big event in your business? Let the world know about it by notifying your fans and followers. This will help you and your business to trend and get attention.

Even if all of them cannot join your event, letting them know will show how to engage with the community. Create an event on your Facebook page that includes all the necessary details such as date, time, place, ticket info, and so on. Also, don’t forget to attach photos that will be compelling to people.

  1. Use Facebook Groups

The group is a great place to manage a community and helps you reach your target audience. Through groups, you will be able to sell your products and services, build a relationship with followers, and offer great deals with possible customers. As an admin, you can approve or reject all posts, accept or block members, and manage the group, the possibilities are endless.

With groups, you can create a community that focuses on a specific product or service. Like for example, if you are selling phones, you can center your group about phones. You can also include phone accessories like cases, headsets, chargers or even include facts about the quality, etc.

  1. Support Local Identity with your Business

People love to celebrate their local pride. Whether there is a famous event, landmarks, or history of your city or country, it is nice to include it in your business as a marketing strategy. Make your Facebook page an extension in promoting your city’s cultures and traditions.

  1. Mention Common Interests of your Audience

Tagging is very common on any social media platform. It is a way to include other people or mention them in your posts. To build engagement and attention, you can share content that is valuable to your audience.

When you are at a popular event and you want to show your audience then you can try Facebook Live. However, before doing it, you must have a little script or plan how you will do it. You want your audience to keep watching you and not get bored.

  1. Post your Latest Happenings

Whether it is a marketing event, company outing, or business trips, letting your followers know you whereabouts can make it more personal. It shows that you want them to be part of your success. Tag the location of the event or post pictures, give your business its personality to help you gain more audience.

  1. Run a Contest

Who does not like winning? Everyone loves to win something and you should take advantage of this and run a Facebook contest. You can offer winners great deals or promotion on your products or services, or better yet, give away freebies.

In promoting the contest on Facebook, you need to follow some rules they created. You can’t use sharing of page or post on your Timeline, liking a page, or tag themselves in pictures as a way to enter the contest. Failure to comply with their rules can get your contest shutdown so make sure to keep the rules in mind.

  1. Manage Traffic to your Website

One of the goals of any business is to drive traffic to their website. Through Facebook, you can encourage your followers, fans, and loyal customers to come to visit your store. Promoting your business through different marketing strategies like creating events, polls, or contest, giving coupons or freebies, and building a shop directly on Facebook for an easy purchasing process.

  1. On-Site Promotion

Aside from online promotion, you can also try building your brand using signage, business cards, or flyers to ask for more likes, shares, posts, and reviews on your Facebook page. You can try giving away gift cards for those who can post a picture with your products and tag in on your page. Or a discount to whoever check your shops or stores.

  1. Word of Mouth

Positive word of mouth is very effective when it came to or shared d by your friends. The trust they have for them can be translated into their trust or curiosity towards your products and services. Facebook is a great way to make it happen easily, with more customers that will spread the words, the more chances you have in gaining new customers.


To be successful in using Facebook Marketing, it requires constant testing and experimentation. Finding out the best strategy that suits your business and generates more customers can take time. So whatever challenges you might encounter in the future, make sure to be patient, positive, and persistent.