SEO in 2018: What to Expect

The only constant thing in this world is change. Like in the technology industry, SEO continues to change every time. Those challenges that await you keep on updating and leveling up. You might have an effective strategy last year but you need to add something new to the plate.

With over 200 factors affecting the ranking and continuous updates in their algorithm, it is important to keep an eye on the latest trends. Even if you made it to the rank, you don’t have to feel safe as it can change in a second. A lot of competitors are striving to be on the rank so you need to level up your game. You need to focus on the factors that create a huge impact on the ranking of your website.

And to help you get ahead, here are some of the most important trends for SEO in 2018:

SEO Trends in 2018

  1. Optimization of Voice Search

In today’s generation, searching using Google is a necessity to satisfy one’s curiosity. People tend to rely on the internet for their questions about anything under the sun. It stated that Google received 65,000 search queries per second. Imagine how much the increase if you can use only your voice to search?

There are a lot of voice search programs like Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana that are updated and improved to enhance user experience and search accuracy. They provided answer box known as a direct answer or rich answer to cater a different kind of searches. And instead of just saying phrases questions, they update it so you can use full questions that can result in more searches.

  1. Use of Secure Socket Layer Certificate

From HTTP to HTTPS, this can make a website protect its user’s connection and important information like bank accounts details. You need to install Secure Socket Layer to your website to make sure that all your data is safe between the browser and the web server. Moving to HTTPs can protect any valuable information just by adding extra layers.

So how can SSL certificate affect your search engine ranking? The HTTPS serves as a ranking signal that boosts your rankings in search engine. Increase in the rankings means an increase in traffic to your website. This shows how important the connection between HTTPS and search engine rankings.

  1. Taking Advantage of Rich Snippets

Known a Rich Answer Box, these are the ones that appear on the top of search engine results when you search for something on the internet. It summarizes the answer to any questions you have searched. Along with a link to the webpage where the answer has been taken.

Rich snippets provide all the information and data you need for your website which is called structured data. It was added in the factors that affect ranking by Google in their algorithm. There are tools like Structured Data Markup Helper that will automatically improve the content on the information.

  1. Boosting Website Speed

Make sure that your website takes no longer than 2 seconds to load. Although patience is a virtue, a lot of users gets easily annoyed when you page load slowly. This can affect the user’s experience, conversion rates, and increase your bounce rate.

In 2010, page speed became one of the ranking signals of Google. So you really need to focus on improving your websites’ load speed by deleting unnecessary files such as CSS files, images, and links. You can also use a free tool from Google which is the PageSpeed Testing tool to regularly check your speed and gives a recommendation for improvement.

  1. Mobile-Based Websites

Since a lot of users use their mobile devices for searching the internet, the mobile searched has increased rapidly. It occurs more frequently than desktop searches that is why they require to create responsive design and adjustments between mobile and desktop. Google states that traffic from mobile can generate more than 90% of search.

Also, an average user which ages from 18 to 39 years old use their mobile phones to search for things online or make a purchase. Knowing these, you should be working now on developing mobile-based websites. Businesses are now required by Google to test their website for mobile version to show its responsiveness.

  1. Amplify the AMP

Now that Google announces the page speed as a factor for ranking, it is your job to make your Accelerated Mobile Pages more appealing to the users. Mobile users are increasing along with mobile searches which have gone up to more than 50% of the global percentage. Enriching the user’s experience can benefit your SEO and marketing strategies.

Good news because Google is now featuring AMP pages in their News carousel. This only means that your SEO can get more traffics boost by capturing the viewers’ attention. It is a great opportunity for your business to get into the ranking just by improving your AMP.

  1. Prioritize User’s Experience

For SEO and user’s experience, your focus must be on the user. You created a business not only for your own profit but most especially to be introduced to users. Without them, every goal you have is useless. So in creating your website, keep in mind the best experience you can give to your users.

It is not about your page design or how creative you can get, it is more about the content and information you can provide to users. You need to make valuable data that can provide a solution to their problem. Always aim for a high-quality, engaging, and significant content that is easy to read and understand.


The SEO industry is complex and unpredictable. A lot of changes happen for the past years and it will continue this year. Google demand for improvements in user’s experience and mobile-based websites.

2018 has not ended so you still have enough time to create new ways to improve your SEO and ranking. You just have to focus on your goals and strengthens your marketing strategies. Be aware of the latest ranking factors and SEO updates so will get ahead against your competitors.