Frequently asked questions

How Much Does a Website Cost?

There are a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to the implementation of costs. The costs would be varied widely depending on your project’s needs, complexity, and how long it would take for us to finish the project.

How Long Would It Take You to Finish a Project?

Like most activities that include creativity, designing a simple but great website would also take time to finish. Sometimes it can only take a few days to finish a website with a simple design, but for those that have more complex designs, it would usually take a couple of weeks or even months to finish. Though generally, these are the number of things of how soon your website can be done:

  • Advanced features

  • The website’s size

  • The complexity of the design

  • Client design schedule

  • When there are finished contents

  • Your input and timely feedback towards our work

Do You Accept Clients from Other Countries?

Yes, we do, and we’re great when it comes to communicating with our clients via phone calls and emails.

Can You Revise or Finish An Incomplete Website?

Our usual answer is no, however, you can contact us to discuss your website’s exact situation and we’ll decide if we can do it or not. As a tip, in most cases, we find it much cheaper to start over a project than revising or completing an unfinished website.

Am I Allowed to See My Website while it’s Still in Progress?

You absolutely can, as a matter of fact, we encourage this to give us a feedback whether the project is not what you’ve envisioned to look like, or if you have changed your mind about some parts of the design. Therefore, once your website is finished and you have provided us with your approval, you can immediately go online with your new website.

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