8 Best WordPress Migration Plugins

Creating your own regular backups is the best thing to do for your WordPress website. This will give you more peace of mind and can be a great help when you experience a disastrous event like your site getting hacked or when you accidentally locked it.

Of course, backing up all the necessary files from your WordPress website is not that easy and migrating it all is a lot harder than that. It is better if you could just click a certain button and have somebody else to take care of it, right?

You can now use this in migrating your website to its new home. To help you in choosing the best migrating plugin for your WordPress site, here we put up some of the best. The listed migration plugins here can be used in just a small number of clicks.


If your website is somewhat a heavy site or an e-commerce, it is highly recommended that rather than using a plugin, you should use an off-site backup or migration tool.

And for a smooth migration process, keep these things in mind:

  • First, test your backup file –before getting started, open the backup file first to
    make sure that the file isn’t corrupted. Even though it happens rarely, it’s better to
    check it.
  • Make sure to keep the original website live –even though you won’t need it
    anymore, it is still essential that you keep it installed live in case that you will
    encounter some issues.
  • Update DNS when migration is done –if you migrate your website, it should just
    be done in a small amount of time. Once it’s done, make sure that everything is
    running smoothly and then finally, update the DNS.


Here are the eight best migration plugins from WordPress:


This is a well-known migration plugin because of its versatility and flexibility. It doesn’t just handle typical migrations, but it also helps in cloning your website to a different domain, back up your website’s data to prevent data loss, and setting up performance versions of your website.

Duplicator can automatically setup everything on your new server. It allows you to change the name of your domain and also, Duplicator updates all the URLs. The plugin comes with a free version which is good for websites that are small to medium. For huge websites, you need the Pro version because it is tailored specifically for large websites. Other amazing features are also added in the Pro version, including automatic backups.

However, if you want to use Duplicator, you should be aware that a technical knowledge is needed. There are a lot of acronyms and terms that are confusing, better not use this plugin if you are frightened to it.


UpdraftPlus Migrator Extension

This is one of the most popular migration and backup plugin. It allows you to easily switch URLs and fix any other issues on database serialization. The best thing about this plugin is that you can do everything that you want directly from your WordPress dashboard.

If you are to move hosts while maintaining the same URL for your website, then perhaps you can escape with the UpdraftPlus free version. You just need to backup and then proceed with the restoration of your new server.

However, if you want to change the URLs of your website or move to a local environment, then you need to avail the plugin’s Migrator add-on for easy cloning or migration.


WP Migrate DB

Based on the name itself, this migration plugin is focused mainly on the WordPress database. Having said, if you have already tried migrating your website, you are most probably to know that the database is the most frustrating part of it. Doing this requires a lot of patience because there are times that it gets tricky.

WP Migrate DB simplifies all these processes by searching and substituting file paths and URLs. This is very suitable if you
are migrating your website to a whole new URL.

If you a WordPress developer and don’t want to spend your precious time copying your files manually, then WP Migrate DB is a good choice for you.


All-in-One WP Migration

This plugin focused mainly on migrating your website into a new server or domain. It is a free migration plugin that comes with some premium extensions.

This plugin handles all aspects of migration: moving your database and your files. It has some smart tricks to make sure it functions on all hosting providers. This plugin also allows you to change your websites domain name – it allows you to have unlimited operations on your database and fix any potential issues to make sure that all the components are running smoothly.

The free version of the plugin supports a migration of up to 512 MB. If your site is larger than that, might as well avail the unlimited version because it has no limit in its size.


Super Backup & Clone

This plugin has a feature that allows you to import any of your backups into a new website.

With this plugin, you can go beyond multisite to multisite migrations since it will let you transfer a specific part of a multisite install into just a single site install. Plus, you can also go in reverse, migrating several single-site installs to a multisite install.



A migration plugin that comes from the creator of WordPress, Automatic. It backups and secures everything on your website.

The plugin has its toll that you can use to easily clone your WordPress website to a new location. However, this plugin also has its disadvantage because it is a subscription service. That means to be able to use it, you need to pay for it first.


Backup & Restore Dropbox

This unique plugin lets you backup your website then restore it directly from the Dropbox. You can do this process locally as well.

However, Backup and Restore Dropbox cannot be used if you want to change your website’s URL or change your domain. This is just a simple way in keeping every data from your website into the cloud.


WP Clone by WP Academy

With this plugin, you don’t need to go through your FTP program just to do the migration process. You only need to create a new WordPress site that’s installed in your preferred location.

However, the developers of this plugin admit that this process might fail on less than 20% of installs. So if you want an easy way to migrate your website, this could be a great help, however, make sure that you have a full back up before doing anything.


Depending on what you really need, any of these plugins is suitable for you. However, you should first check if you really need to install a migration plugin. Whatever choice you will do, I believe that it will really help you.