12 Best Free WordPress Plugins for Ad Placements & Native Advertising

Digital Advertising is undeniably one of the biggest and simplest ways of monetizing your website. However, setting up advertisements is not easy –the simplest way to do this is to manually edit the code of your WordPress website.

Good thing there are tons of amazing plugins to choose from in managing your advertisement inventory. This article will focus on 12 of the best free WordPress Ad plugins. If you are just starting on your business website, it is better to try the free ad plugins.

However, if you have enough budget, might as well consider buying the premium version of the plugins you want.


Probably is one of the Google AdSense’ simplest integration in WordPress websites. With its free version, you can display advertisements in many areas on your website. To display your ads in your website using AdSense, you just need to paste the code snippet of Google AdSense. You can also put it in between paragraphs using snippets like <!-Ads1-> <!-Ads2->.



It’s actually just a newly added WordPress ad plugin. However, this is a powerful plugin that you can use to manage your advertisement inventory with tracking, ad management, and custom rotation. One more thing is that this ad plugin is a freemium plugin, which means its free version is actually just limited and can only support 10,000 impressions of advertisements per month.

Advanced Ads

A freemium ad plugin that can be used for handling your website ad impressions. It is totally free and you can use it as long as you want, but there are some features of it that can be upgraded.

In this ad plugin, you can use all distinctive ad unit capacities and build responsive settlements to be responsive in any devices. With Advanced Ads, it is easier to run advertisements without writing code.


This ad plugin is one of the ever-popular advertising networks that’s tailored to support every WordPress users. Taboola is a native ad network which means, you can easily get higher CTR’s and earn more than just display banners. If you want to use Taboola in your website, you need to have a Taboola account first. However, it is not easy because Taboola is a very strict native network.

WP Bannerize Pro

This ad plugin creates a custom banner that acts like a post or a page. To use it, you first need to upload your banner image then choose on whether you want to track the CTR and impression and then finally publish your banner. After that, your banner shortcode will appear. You can now then display your banner anywhere you want it to be using the generated shortcode.


Rotation scripts are used to run through multiple networks with comfort. The plugin is free and can support all major advertisement networks like DFP/ Doubleclick and AdSense. It comes with a lot of functionalities that are all free. Its interface perfectly blends with WordPress –it’s very simple and you can preview all your ads before you launch it. Like any other plugins, it also comes with the premium version.

WP Advertise It

This WordPress plugin can support any size of ad blocks you are running into your website regardless of its size. It is actually defined to as a better substitute to AdSense since you can easily work with the Google Publisher. You can also setup some self-promo blocks together with your scripts. Inside its content, this plugin has an in-post support with so many popular placements. If you want your ads to appear in a specific location, you can also use shortcodes to insert ads into your posts.

Interstitial Ads

This ad plugin is a perfect fit for mobile and content-heavy websites. Here, you can insert full-screen modals or large advertisements that usually takes over your web page. A very good choice if you want to care about user experience. Its WordPress dashboard has a full editor to change all your settings like the style of your close button or even the wait time before it appears in your page.


This is mainly dominated by blogs and content creators who aim to earn a little more through banners. To use this, you just need to input your BSA code and then choose what ad unit you want to appear on your website. BuySellAds plugin also supports mobile and RSS advertisements, it’ll be a great help in maximizing your revenue.

Ad Inserter

It’s a plugin that’s developed by Igor Funa. Actually, this plugin is one of the plugins that have a high review In the WP repo and also one of the simplest plugins that you can set up in your WordPress website.

Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More

This plugin is very suitable for website owners who want to increase their revenue using countless techniques, of course, you need to set it up right. If you are also looking to gathering some input from your visitors on user experience or website features, then this plugin is highly recommended for you.

Insert Post Ads

Maybe you have already seen some ad blocks crammed into articles at different locations. However, these site owners can be fairly be assumed to be legit and are not copying any ad code into their posts. They might be using plugins such as Insert Post Ads.

As its name implies, you can insert advertisements anywhere you want it to be in your post. This is most likely to guarantee you a higher revenue, most especially when you continue to put your ads on top where most of your visitors go. You are allowed to use this plugin with some other third-party advertising platforms like AdSense. It’s undeniably a great plugin to try plus it has a lot of
customization to offer.

It can also be utilized in any website that is highly responsive, AMP pages, and in RSS feeds. Plus, you can place them anywhere on your site. Moreover, to do these things, you don’t need any coding skills because it’s very easy to use.

These are just 12 of the best ad plugins that you can use in your WordPress website. Each of these is still up-to-date and are all covering a lot of features and networks. Whatever you may choose, it could be a great help on your website.